Trapped-computer Art-by Taha H Malasi

Trapped-Computer painting-Dr Taha Malasi


 Art-using computer    

Trapped -by Dr Taha H Malasi
Painting using computer



As a psychiatrist, mental illness presents through patients experience as a trap or a prison. Like in the Greek mythology the condemned  and sentenced to pushing the rock to the top of the mountain only for the rock to rollback again and again and again!!!    

As a psychological concept (Trapped) is much more than a physical reality it is a complete (mental paralysis). Our brain is the tool by which we understand ourselves and others, but it is out of order. Mental illness is the enemy within. Like a prison inside our sole, prison without visible bars or walls and yet completely impenetrable, harsh, complicated and impossible. To make worse it worse the other are blind to it, and Isolation is complete. Unable see the suffering, they are unable to empathize or understand and this breed stigma and prejudice and more suffering.  

The (Entrapment) is a conspiracy made by genetic and harsh reality from within the brain and mind. Curiously it is invisible even from person himself. With loss of insight and will power the mind stuck in war with himself. A war he did chose its time or place. Chuckled with a webs of past childhood emotional experience, scary images and incomprehensible dreams he cannot understand or decipher. Experiencing extreme emotion of rage, anger, humiliation as well as violent and destructive urges for which he lacks insight or control or reasons.   

Trying to escape is futile. The Build of emotion lead to anger and aggression but confronted by sold walls of hopelessness and helplessness negative the aggression turn inward and hurt him.

Love painfully absent as the heart turn to a dry desert with no water or plants. But love  is the only energy and the hope and the only source of power needed to break through- it the only hope of freedom to the light of the day. But love without help never reachable. Trapped-2  

Trapped in the Mind3

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