The split

Split-body and mind

The painting is about a mental state-when the mind state and the body state, in a moment in time split totally into opposing and contradictory states


After I finish my houseman training in Khartoum University Hospital (AL Amiri) I was transferred  to Kordofan Province, the West of Sudan. I did not have a clue how it is like to work in that place. Since I was a child I was dreaming about travelling all over the Sudan. My father as custom officer travelled all over Sudan, he described how beautiful and exciting different places in Sudan, Peoples with different looks, different dialect, music and customs and different terrain and nature. He spoke about wild animal, strange snakes, and fantastic people. 

The painting: The Split

In Sudan we used to sleep outside, I mean directly under the sky in particular in summer. It is an amazing experience, lying in bed, clear skies full of stars. It is even most beautiful and relaxing when the moon is full. 

Preparing to travel to the west, to Kordofan, I was exited beyond believe, for the last few days before departure I was totally unable to sleep, my mind was very active with imagination and expectation. However  I appeared, to everyone, relaxed and almost asleep.  My mother was a big worrier when it comes to our well being, perhaps that was one good reason to keep very quite not to attract her attention.

This image ,of myself lying in bed, appearing relaxed watching the moon & stars with my mind inflamed with imagination & excitement  stuck in my head. When I travelled to Al obied , in Kordofan (  The split of mind and body- The Mental state & the Physical state)  that was the first Idea I painted.

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