The Mill of Life (2end) Version

The is the 2en version, paunted in Kuwait and lost in the 1st Gulf war!
The is the 2en version, paunted in Kuwait and lost in the 1st Gulf war!

The Mill

  • I always wrote pieces of poetry reflecting my feelings and later painted the ideas. I wrote the 3 pieces (in Arabic) when I was around 17 (see English translation below).
  • The painting idea developed from a poetry called (The mill), it is about (life) itself and how I felt about it at that particular moment in time. In addition to the mill two other short poems complementing the first about (destiny).   The gloom was in response to some events and my (psychological) efforts to break out.


  • I painted the idea 3 times first when I was around 18 it was quite big painting and was the best.  I left it in The Sudan when I came to England 1973, I think it is lost now. Then I painted the (The Mill) (No 2) again when I was in Kuwait 1980, I was working as assistant professor of psychiatry in Kuwait University, Kuwait Medical School. I lost  this in Kuwait after the 1st Gulf with all my original painting (About 60)and everything   the family have including my job, certificates and cloth, money & gold, etc. Myself and wife 3 children left Kuwait 7 days before the Iraqi invasion, we left Kuwait  for a holiday in Thailand, I never managed  to go back to Kuwait again. I painted the subject 3rd time again 1998 in Canterbury, UK. I returned to England to look for work 1990 after the war.


  • The painting is about life, the question of existence, destiny and purpose.  In the paining (living or life ) is represented by women, men and children, revolving around (mother earth).The circling movement itself representing the act of living and life. Erath is barren like the moon and harsh.  Humans start life vigorous and strong and hopeful but defeated in the end. Life can be difficult and  we suffer , grow old and  die.


  • The (old man) Looking bemused, bewildered and confused about what is going on. He represent time passing, sitting on top (out-side time itself) perhaps like ‘myself’ watching my own life and not understanding it and seeing it helplessly passing by.  Thinking about destiny, heaven and hell represented in abstract form representation thought and worries. This is reflected from  2end piece of poetry , I imagined sitting in dusty road side Watching the winds and the clouds and seeing my life passing and ask question about the meaning of life!!
  • The last (3rd)Poem Represent a desperate (philosophical) attempt to resolve the riddle of life and clear the confusion. I surrendered to my destiny.   I extended my arms and walked sensing the road with my eyes closed hoping or wishing for whatever may come. As I cannot see the future, I sat ( like the Old Man) watching ?  Asking the stars about the meaning of suffering, the meaning of life, but not getting answer about where all the people go after death. I asked the sun, the symbol of light and clarity to no avail. , I then surrender myself to my destiny. I walks with my eyes closed, either I disappear in the pitch darkness, or melt in  the brightest of light or die believing that I am living for thousands of years!


This is the translated poetry from Arabic.

  • The Mill-1-


  1. The ‘mill of life’ incessantly turn
  2. From Dusk to dawn            
  3. Continuously turn           
  4. Never  to return
  5. For thousands of years
  6. Grind men women and children
  7. Its fuel our bodies!                                         
  8. From dawn to dawn
  9. We strive for life             
  10. Hope urge us to live   
  11. But hope is a lie
  12. It says we live every day
  13. But we die every day,
  14. Relentlessly die
  15. And never to return 


  • The Mill- Poem 2-The Questions


  1. I sat in a dusty road side
  2. Watching the winds and the clouds
  3. Asking the stars about the meaning of suffering
  4. Asking the nights
  5. About the secrets of shadows and lights
  6. Where all the people go
  7. Laugh cry and then disappears
  8. Even the sun I asked
  9. The sun never replied


  • The Mill-Poem3-Surrender to Destiny


  1. It wasn’t the darkest of nights
  2. I extended my arms and walked
  3. Sensing the road with my eyes closed
  4. Thinking , wishing or hoping
  5.  I may , vanish away in the darkest of nights 
  6. Or instantly melt in the brightest  light
  7. Or suddenly die believing I am alive for a thousand years


Dr Taha H Malasi

Consultant Psychiatrist, DOVER


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