The Eagel & Snake- pointlism

Eagel-Pointlism-Painted By Dr Taha H Malasi


The Eagle and the Snake: Painting By Dr Taha H Malasi     


The eagle catching a snake- pointillism-Felt Pen     

In this painting  I combined the transparency technique with pointillism. It depict speed, movement and action in a rare but fascinating African wild life scenery. We are lucky to live in David Attenborough era  with wild life films that shows  the miracles of life  unfolding  step by step. To see the wonderful unseen and hidden world of strange nature and beautiful world.      

Africa and its wild life is just unique. I lived 1970 in South Sudan-Rumbeik, Bahar El Ghazal, the lake district. Just driving 7 Kilometer it is so easy to see all sort of wild life, elephants, gazelles, Toby, wild cats. And the birds, huge number of colorful bird all the year around. In the Doctor House where I lived, I had 40 mango tree, each one is different in shape, color, texture and taste. Papaya trees grows wild even in the roof of my house as well as many fruit trees. Every evening hundreds of green pigeons, looks more like parrots than pigeons come to sleep in my trees. One tree , the Loolo tree as called by the Dinka  is amazing. It is a big tree, looks like oak tree. The fruit is round about 10 cm in size, it has an edible sweet pulp from outside, but not very sweet taste, But the miracle is in the seed and its sweet scented oil. It is difficult to describe, but it is very pleasant.    

The  Dinka  love to rub their ebony beautiful figures with it, to make  it shiny. The Dinka also believe it keep the  skin healthy and young and believe it has many  therapeutic quality.    

The sad war between the south and the north has affected life in both the South and the North, but it devastated the environment and wild life in the south. With the spread of weapons wild life was hunted to extinction for food and the trees cut to use as fuel. Now the South is independent and I wish them from my heart peace and prosperity. However  I am not sure if the wild life I loved still there, the animals, the trees, and the birds.   

When I was there it used to rain about 11 month a year. It really rained and it was magnificent as it was so predictable.  With global warming, like many places in Africa and the world drought set in just to add to the misery of the people and animals. I pray from my heart that the glorious rain come  in time .with  full force, as it use to come so life renew itself again in that magnificent place.

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