The Cycle:Painting By Taha Malasi

The Circle-Painting By Dr Taha H Malasi
The Circle-Human nature, basic instinct and feelings turn within the mind and heart in cycle!!?



The Cycle: Painting By Dr Taha H Malasi

It is about human nature and unconscious psychological experience. The Conflict from (within) between basic instinct, culture and morality!     

Every culture has its values and moral standard but all humans are the same – they are humans! Brought up in Arabic, Muslim society- not a very strict as always portrayed in the west! Life is easy surrounded by love of the family and general kindness there is hardly any conflict until teenage! When love is in the air and emotions free floating and strange impulses & ideas ferment.     

The revival of basic instinctual desires hit a religious and cultural wall of values. The painting is about those stormy moments, like tsunamis of emotion of waves, turning around and around in circles. The faint transparent blue line separated two world of (mental lives) where the heart swing in between spirituality and material world!       

In our culture the sun , the moon and the sky is the symbol of purity and spirituality. Sex & love money etc; represent  materialistic needs. At adolescence the conflict intensifies and the mood madly swings.  The conflict is about what is right and what is wrong, and what is good and what is bad . The (thin blue line) the boundaries in between appear at times under the pressure of instinct.  At  times the thin blue line appear like a sold cage of steal.   But with maturity the faint separation start to crumble and become insignificant and eventually melt away!     

The painting contains graphically the cultural symbols, the women and the man entangled in her hair, trying to flee!  His body half trapped in pleasures, but because of guilt try to escape back to purity and spirituality. But when he is on the (other side) he is yearning to love again!?   The diving Black image, however represent the same person, driven back by his (human feelings) and instinct to love again Cross the thin blue line. In time the thin blue line disappears and the sole and mind rest in harmony and the conflict disappear.   The Bird , we call it (The Ferra) in Port-Sudan is a migrant bird, that usually land at the shore of the red sea, tired and exhausted usually hide to rest between the bushes. People hunt the bird by making sudden noise that scared the bird.  In the painting the bird is a (symbol of anxiety) and fear. Fear and worries of crossing the line!??  


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