River of Dryness: Painting by Taha H Malasi

River of Dryness: Painting By Dr Taha Malasi       

Rivers flow with water and goodness but when the heart is sad it become a desert flows with nothing


  When life is difficult,  feeling dry, the heart can not give any more!       

 A painting about feelings in a situation , when life is difficult, your heart is flowing not with love but with nothing. You feel isolated, like a beautiful flowers in a deserted road, bloom and die but no one have seen it or enjoy it.  The symbols in the painting is from  a poetry written in a specific situation. The symbols of dryness, desertification ,  cactus , wilderness and extremes reflect our terrain , environment and culture.     River Of Dryness: Translation from Arabic: Poetry and

Painting by Dr Taha H Malasi  

 I am the river of dryness    

 Like roses in a deserted road    

A cactus and desolation     

    Thorns are turning in my heart      

   Suspiciousness and death in my mind    

   Alone  with my dreams     

 Nothing in my Heart but deserts     

   Famines, Sorrows and Storms,    

   Nothing but Jungles and beasts     

   My only horizon lies in the unknown   

    Like a grandiose river    

   Dies of thirst,        

Searching between its waves,      

For Lands and shores    

But nothing is there   

    Nothing but the unknown     

   There is neither water nor shores   

    No happiness or sadness     

   Nothing is there      

  only Horizon is a grave    

 Where sadness and happiness buried  In pains   

    Enclosed by bouquet of forgetfulness     



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