Reflection-Painting by Dr Taha Malasi

The Lepord Dream

Reflection-The Leopard Dream


 Reflection:Painting By Taha Malasi

Leopard and Gazelle are most beautiful animals & structurally they are just perfect. Their movements, shape , and colors just amazing and inspiring. Since I was a child I painted dears and Gazellebut never felt fully satisfied that I did justice to their beauty and elegance. The painting is one of my attempts to portray this mysteriousanimal that operate both by day and by night. Like a ghost or a dream or a reflection in water the leopard hunting in the darknesssurrounded with colorful branches and leaves. 

The Leopard , illusive as he is not easy to see in the wild . However when I worked in the south of Sudan , Rumbek ,visiting the water hole and from a distance I could see the leopard relaxing on the tree watching the other animals coming andgoing. Perhaps plotting or planning an ambush. 

 Many people speak about protecting the Big cats the whales etc; and I am all for that. However there are many species of gazelle and dears now at the end of extinction. Just because they are not dramatic and imposing like wild cats that doesn’t mean they are less precious, less beautiful or deserving. In fact not just gazelle and dears but African wild pigeons, and birds of pray are getting less and less in the wild. Our concentration should not be in few animals but we should protect all animals.

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