Memories From Home

Memories of Father & oOur Home in Hillat Hammad-Khartoum North 1963-1973

Memories of father & Home- Kartoum North


Daddy a poetry by Reem Taha Hassaballa Malasi –My Daughter. She wrote this beautiful poetry to me and it seems accurately echo my feelings toward my father. I painted Memories from Home after the death of my father 1986- when I was in Kuwait. My Family lived in (Hillat Hammad) between 1964-1973- it is an old part of Khartoum north not far from the river Nile. Just in front of the house, there was an Old  Donkey and a broken old Oil Cart always standing there for many years. When ever I remember my father, I remember his face associated with our house and that nice area.  

Daddy by Reem Taha Hassaballa Malasi –My Daughter   

Daddy, I find sometimes my imagination  

Is like a bright but faint rainbow in the sky,  

Much of my inspiration floods through  

Mainly when i cry!  

But when the grey clouds clear  

And the beautiful rainbows then appear  

I try to interpret my thoughts (like this moment now)  

Which just up, and well, disappear?  

It is not that easy to translate strong feelings,  

From heart, to head, to pen,  

My heart starts to race and my head gets confused,  

When my emotional flood gates are open  

 But daddy I will try to put down in words  

Why you deserve the utmost respect,  

So here it goes, I hope it expresses  

The least of what you should expect.  

You said life is a struggle  

Like your Mother said before  

So pass me those boxing gloves Daddy,  

Lets even out some of those scores,  

It pains me to see you grind  

Your fingers to the bone,  

You have made my struggle easier,  

By burdening my heavy stones  

I have never known anyone like you  

Throughout my entire life  

You have given me so much hope  

Through my dark hours, much trouble, and strife  

It is now my turn Daddy  

To return some dues to you,  

For the amount I think I owe you,  

You’d get more than a lifetime settlement if you were to sue!  

Having always carried  

The worries of the world on your shoulders,  

It is starting to weigh your body down,  

Like heavy concrete boulders.  

What can I do Daddy?  

To relieve some of your strain?  

The deep fortress of your soul has cracked  

And is leaking some pressurised pain  

Daddy, let me be your builder  

So I can patch up your broken walls,  

Daddy, let me be your net  

When those heavy boulders fall,  

Then I want to look into your eyes and see  

Nothing, but relief  

I am relying on your faith in me,  

My strength comes from your belief  

How can one person  

Be so amazing?  

Often I stand in amazement,  


Looking straight at the endless sky  

And bottomless ocean  

You have spent you entire life interpreting the universe,  

Through beautiful art and heartfelt emotion  

Your wisdom astounds me,  

Your patience is profound,  

Never apologise Daddy,  

When I am around.  

More than anyone I know,  

YOU are entitled to your ups and downs  

If I had a fraction of your virtue  

My feet will be kept firmly on the ground  

Daddy, despite what you may think,  

I owe my life to you  

You epitomise everything in this world  

That I aspire to,  

Between you and Mummy  

What more could I possibly ask for?  

Except for you to really know, I think of you all the time,  

It is you that I adore.  

Porm by Reem Taha Malasi  

She also wrote another poem to her mother on Mother Day!

To my darling mumy:

Thanks for being my mum,

You have beautiful eyes  and

a lovely bum!

I.m finding hard tp make

a ryhme,

Let me start again, one more time

You mean the absolute world to me,

Although at times that hard to see.

My entire life, you have always

been there

Watching over your impchkins

with love and care.

The tower of strength that you


Has helped me grow deep inside

You helped drag me out of my darkest hours,

Geve me some of your magical 

healing power 

All of a sudden I feel alive and


You cast on me a happy spell.

All my  sorrows have flown away

knowing your love is here to stay.

Although my ryhme is not getting

any  better,

I needed to write you a note

or a letter

To let you know how much

I love you

Your are the best, that much

is true.

All my love-Reem  




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