Impression of London 1973

My Impression of London the summer of 1973

My impression of London Summer 1973 when I arrived from Sudan

 Impression Of London 1973-Painted By Taha H Malasi

Arriving to London from Sudan to study psychiatry offered a scholarship from the The British Council in Sudan. London was an impressive city, the beating heart of the Empire. It was a glorious summer, sunshine and showers, birds, flowers and more birds. We lived in The International Hall, Russell’s Square, London. It was an exciting new experience in new culture, language, and people. My friends and colleagues from all over the world invited by the British Council to study varieties of subjects, they were so excited and amazed with the big streets and buildings in London, I was more excited and impressed with the greenery and the display of flowers, like I never saw before. Off course like any young man I was taken by the beauty and elegance of girls. I painted The Impression of London soon  after I settled down.  

There is a hidden message in the picture – Guess what ?

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