Fragile Earth: Painting By Dr Taha Hassaballa Malasi

Endangered Earth

Using our intelligence and creativity combined with our greed we are consuming earth to extinction!?

Fragile Earth: Painting by Dr Taha Malasi

This painting is about earth and us. We are happily digging a hole in Noah’s ark and we expect everything will be fine. The painting shows planet Earth revolves and a  (humans) baby obliviously sleeping on top. It shows extinct species and many others on their way. Powerful governments, businesses, and famous scientist betrayed their integrity and profession for few dollars, deny global warming, putting the earth and all those on it in danger of extinction!!!      

 Using our intelligence and creativity combined with our greed we are consuming earth to extinction!?

Intelligence is the highest currency that humans value in our sophisticated societies, but so far we use it to destroy the earth environment and life. If Intelligence is the result of natural selection and evolution, should we then consider (Intelligence) the dumbest of all natural creations!?

We like to see ourselves as humane, caring, protecting and civilised so we deliberately distort facts we don’t like and gloss over our horrible history. It is ironic that the more (civilised) a nation in history, it tops all others in the acts of war, exploitation of weaker humans as well as exploiting everything else on earth. I suggest we should replace the term (Civilised) by the term (sophisticated). A country or people that possess great power and use it to invade other countries with brilliant and fantastic weapon is (sophisticated) but can hardly call itself civilised. Apart from lethal weapons It wickedly use sophisticated knowledge and media to deceive the people of the world, including their own,  presenting lies as facts, death as life.

Undoubtedly we are creative, inventive and possess amazing abilities. However as much as we like to deceive ourselves, so far we used our abilities with greed and deception. Our history on earth is littered with dishonourable, destructive and vicious inhumane acts. Now we are killing ourselves, the animals and plants and the earth itself, are we going to change? And for once become less greedy!!!???

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