Eternity-Omar Khayyam-Painting By Taha Malasi

Eternity-From Rubaiyat-Poem By Omar Khayyam-The Persian Poet

Painting about- Eternity-From Omar Khiam-Rubaiyat-The Persian Poet


Omar Khayyam –Eternity Painting By Taha Malasi     

The Idea of The painting came from The Rubaiyat of Omer Khayyam. Omar Khayyam is a poet, a philosopher, and mathematician born 1040. His rubayyat was translated to every known language.  This particular poem is about how transient is our life in the context of the age of the universe. It is about question and more questions about life, death, and afterlife?     

     Into this Universe, and why  

not Knowing,  

Nor whence,like Water  

Willy-Nilly Flowing!  

And out of it, as Wind  

along the Waste,  

I know not whither, willy -  

                                                                                                                                                                                                  nilly Blowing  



Awake! For Morning in the     

Bowl of Night     

Has flung the Stone that puts the Stars to Flight     

And lo the Hunter of the East has caught     

The Sultan’s Turret in a     

Noose of Light     


Dreaming When Dawn’s Left     

Hand as in the Sky,     

I heard a Voice within the     

Tavern Cry, Awake my little one, and fill the Cup     

Before Life’s Liquor in its     

Cup be dry  


وكم توالى الليل بعد النهار

ودار بالانجم هذا المدار

فامشى الهوينا

ان هذا الثرى من اعين ساحرة الاحورار

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