Canterbury Panther

The Missing Kent Panther

It is the mystery Kent panther, appear and disappear every now and then!

Sighting of Big Cats in UK in particular black panthers is common & frequent. It is usually reported by the media as a scare and danger. I love big cats and personally I wish if the stories are true. I worked as Doctor with the title (Medical Inspector of lakes distric!) in Rumbek , Bahar El Ghazal  province  in the  Southern  Sudan between 1970-1972 . Rumbeik  is the capital of  Bahar El Ghazal  provine where  the Dinka  nomadic tribe lives.  At the time Rumbek itself was a tiny village with only few houses for officials, one street with few shops and a small camp for local huts. I was the only doctor looking after around  a million nomadic Dinka  Tribe. There was no electricity or running water , but I was very happy to be there. The Dinka (Rumbek) are the tallest people of the world, really giants and very handsome and intelligent people with good sense of humour.  Because it rain everyday it was green and beautiful and full of mango and Papaya trees. Just 7 kilometers from Rumbek is the water hole where all wild life action can be observed, the big cats can be seen, Lions and Leopards and Cheetah with elephants and gazelles, antelope, in their natural habitat. Alas for Kent panther he is a sacred lonely animal in a strange and hostile environment. Living far away from his homeland, not by choice.  Surrounded by maple trees, houses, black asphalt streets and the cold  English weather instead of acacia and Ebony trees. However for me the scary news always revive the dream of  wild Africa and a sense of adventure.

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