The War in Bosnia-Genocide of a nation

The War in Bosnia-Genocide of a nation

Bosnia- Genocide of a nation


We watched genocide on TV.  United nation and the super powers, impotent  or unwilling to protect. We saw  women, children, elderly  appealing for help and protection from death and we saw them pushed away by UN nation solders!

UN mandate to feed , not to protect!!!???. We watched and watched women and children pushed from camp to camp appealing for help to no avail.Even the buildings, the windows cry for help!!!

We waited and waited and waited until enough  blood spilled , thousands killed in cold blood. Super powers waited and waited for more blood and enough gruesome scenes to awaken their  conscience to act.

Eventually It happened-great?  after the mass graves was filled- No thanks to you UN No thanks to you Europe and the free world!?.

Happily after the war, we did what civilized nations do  best, dig all the mass graves, label, date,  and identify bodies. Set a trial  to see that justice is done?!!?

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