Birds of Paradise: Painting By Dr Taha Malasi

Bird of Paradise

Birds in pointillism- beauty beyond believe!?















Birds of Paradise: Painting By Dr Taha Malasi

Birds in pointillism- beauty beyond believe!?

Art with a heart or conceptual art- That is the question??

A stuffed shark, half a cow, and a piece of rotten meat with maggots and a dirty bed in a room littered by condoms and shit! This is the face of art today. It seems that anything goes!

It is the age of conceptual art!? Conceptual art is art in which the concept (s) or idea (s) involved in the work take precedence over traditional aesthetic material concerns. Conceptual art came to denote all contemporary art that does not practice the traditional skills of painting and sculpture!emphasizing that the idea is more important than the artifact! So by definition it excluded  my work even it is originated from ideas and concepts! alternatively this this diffinition asume painting and other excluded form of art as mindless object devoid of ideas and concept, and this can not be true.

I understand that conceptual art started as a rebelious movement against the dectatorship and control of classical art work, by the wealth , the media and some artist . Ironically conceptual art today , represents dictatorship of of wealth and media , with the cooperation of few artist.

I believe in art for life, art with a heart. Art generated from genuine creative thoughts and committed to life and people not detached and lives in an Ivory cage. An art that feels the pain of war, starvation and suffering of humans and animals and try to do something about it. Howewver art shpud remain art! no vulgarity in expression and quality.

As a doctor, a psychiatrist and artist, studied the brain , anatomical, physiological and psychiatric, studying  thoughts and ideas is an integral part of my field. Our brain naturally produces thoughts and ideas; it is a problem solving machine. Even when we are sleep we think and produce ideas. Of course, not every idea is creative, great or even normal.

Visiting some exhibitions nowadays is frustrating as some artist present very poor work, in quality, subject etc. When you point you point that to them and try to understand their ideas. They avoid answering and stupedly smile and say I made you think, didn`t I?

With brain diseases like dementia and chronic schizophrenia, the ability to produce creative thoughts and ideas diminishes, this is called  Poverty of thought  a well recognised symptom .  The illness cause damage the areas responsible for thinking and reasoning and production of thoughts as a brain function.. Brain ability to produce clever and useful thoughts dwindle.

If conceptual art is all about ideas and concepts, It is unfortunate that their concepts and ideas are simply very poor or nunexsistan! And that is the main problem, even if we forget about the (artifact) i.e. the shit itself!

Instead of artistic creation, some conceptual artists use natural objects or animals and claim, or pronounce it art.

  • At a time when shark populations and wild life is decimated to the edge of extinction, we now have another good motive to kill them in the name of art!
  • At a time when teenage pregnancies and abortions is a terrible human problem and tragedy in this country and others, a dirty bed with condoms, and a list with the names of all men the artist had sex with is proudly exhibited as a glorious conceptual work of art, what exactly is the intended message?!
  • At the time earth itself is endangered artist are no where to be seen contributing to this important issue. Modern artist of course live in their ivory cage and feel no responsibility, they are (artists) and for that matter untouchable.

It is very well known life turns round by creative thoughts, in art, science, electronics etc.Thoughts that produce useful inventions or works clever art to benefit humanity. However it seems that this is not applicable to conceptual art!? (Of course, however, appreciation of art is subjective and many may think the concept behind the shit is quite valuable.) (At least we have to appreciate that the artist manages to see that shit is a work of art because no other intelligent person thought about it!? )

Conceptual art started as a revolution against traditional art and monopoly of art, and claims the (idea) itself is the art, even without producing art. Opening the door to those with genuine (poverty of thoughts) and a lack of genuine creative ideas to be an artist!

The story of the Naked king who was convinced by clever thieves that they were making him an invisible cloth is quite apt here. However conceptual art is here and it is a reality whether we like it or not. And to prove it some conceptual artist today are quite rich! So how did these invisible cloths i.e. The Concept become the state of the art today?

Simple 4 well known magical elements in our society if combined and applied properly, or even inappropriately, can create miracles beyond imagination make the invisible visible and shit glow like diamonds.

  1. One, the so called (expert), who has the eye to see the invisible (Concept) and grant it the status of art.
  2. Two, a media crave for the unusual, unbelievable and shocking, stirs controversy as this helps circulation.
  3. Once (the Concept) reaches this stage, the investor with money appears in the scene!?
  4. The artist of course his (Art) completes the 4th border of the square!?

When the 4 magical elements get together, some special people will hit the jack pot. It is a win win situation for everyone, fair and square!?

Of course the Whole process could be played as a game in close circuit, where the public as usual is excluded!? Why, because the public is ignorant, doesn’t have the mind to understand, doesn’t have the (eye) to judge and most importantly has no money to buy or invest !!!!

My main worry is for the future of Art itself and the coming generations of young artists who are still learning about art. Many young artists, instead of concentrating on learning the skill of art, look for animal to kill or object to claim as art.

I remember a funny incident that happened over 10 years ago while I was watching the BBC presenting 3 artists. The first presented (cows’ hearts) in a jar, the second collected (urine and blood) from a slaughter house, mixed them and took photos and the third photographed Shit. The presenter suddenly recognized Mr. hearts artist as someone who was working with Christies the art dealers and that he was not an artist at all! After a brief argument he spilt a glass of cold wine over her head and the BBC was blank for few seconds! Then the interview continued as normal!???

Lastly I must say I have great sympathy with some fantastic Artists who are basically (forced) or had to play the game in order to be recognized!



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