Lioness-Are You Thinking What I am Thinking?


Lioness Are You Thinking What I am thinking?


Lioness: Are You Thinking What I am thinking?  

Lioness-Are you thinking what I am thinking? Painting by: Dr Taha Malasi  

Painted in 2008, it is again about my love of big cats, Africa, and nature. It is a sorry state that Big cats with many other species are endangered and heading toward extinction. Only 4000 tigers left in the wild and less than 25 emerald leopards.  

It is not just carbon monoxide is killing animals, but our selfish Genes. Human activities and mindless exploitation of animals and nature. Killings, use and abuse with expansion, eating up the earth and their habitat. Frequently, in wild life program animals seen dying of starvation and thrust, the commentator stand offish, and recklessly comment (we should not feed the wild animal or save them because they are wild animals). Off course wild animals can fend for themselves, if their environment was not destroyed. The water, the jungles, the grassland the mountains and the seas are used, abused and habitat demolished. Animals are incarcerated in national parks, just like north American Indian, and Australian Aboriginal, and Palestinians people starved of  water and food .    

Many people now suggest that there is no future for wild life except in Zoos and breeding centers. I believe if human selfish attitude continue, not only animals will disappear, but life on earth.  

I suggest the following Animal charter:  

1. Animals in the wild , because of the loss of their habitat, must be served , just like humans, with water and food during droughts and difficult  times.  

2. There must be enforced Laws to protect animals and their habitat.  

3. A budget to compensate African people and people in areas where there is conflict of interest with wild life, when animals and humans fight for water and vegetation and land. This will help people to protect, preserve, tolerate and support animal existence. Most developed countries do not tolerate wild life e.g. eagles, foxes, wolves, but we expect Africans & Asians to put up with tigers, elephants, gorillas.  

4. The Choice for humans is between; saving the earth or saving their narrow selfish interest. The biggest drain on human resource is War and armament. How many lives are wasted in the first, second war, Iraq, Afghanistan and billions of pounds? With that money how many tigers we would have saved?

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