A Man and a women-Painting By Dr Malasi

Computer created image, women they say from Venus, and man from Mars, and they live on their own world even when together

Computer is a God sent invention for art. It is so simple and beautiful to create and experiment  with ideas.This images created with paint.

Women from Venus, men from mars, it is so true. The chemistry of hormones separate  biological roles and dictate psychology and behaviours.Logical understanding is illusive, but if and when chemistry click,illogical doors of many springs of  flowers , unreservedly and wellcoming open widely. Chemistry marvelously complement, and in the extremes the opposit completely melt.

When chemistry  clash, hurricanes of  freezing storms blows wrecking hearts, peace of mind and homes. Man and a women freeze like non- identical  merror images  that can never touch.Like stars orbiting each other but never get close. But if they did, they explode,  like meeting of matter and anti-matter.  annihilating their world to nothing.

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