My heart , A Basket full of Sadness-Painting by Taha Malasi

Man and War- Mans war and he is the first to suffer

My heart is like waste basket for all the bad news-news of wars and death all over the world


My heart- like a waste basket!    For the world’s bad news!!!!       

Painting by:Dr Taha H Malasi  

‘Man creates war and Man is the first to suffer from its consequence.’

The painting is about a poem I wrote when I was studying in Alexandria in the sixties. It was time of liberation movement confronting colonialism in Africa and Asia as well as South America. Colonialist was getting really vicious. News of the killing and death everywhere ,Vietnam, Palestine, Angola, Congo, Nicaragua, Chile etc. Waking every morning to news of wars, killing of inocents made my heart sad.   Many question raised in my mind about man and war. Why it has to be like this,? is there an end to wars?. Will I and humanity will ever see world peace ? and if not for me for my grand children and the poor and oppressed people of this world? 

Now I am over 69; still awake every day and goes to bed every night, like billion of people around the world, with bad horrible news of wars and killing. 

With improvement of media, we are completely surrounded and imprisoned in a culture of war. Everything is justified, glorified and covered up with lies. Colonialist now instead of killing to occupy and exploit others -Imperialist now kill for human rights, to protect civilian, to stop spreading of terorism & nuclear weapons, to protect the environment and for world peace – They kill for Good reason!?     The Bottom line is like this- The killing and death must continue for them to Keep their standard of living up!!!!       War is financially rewarding.

Main theme of the poem is that Man create war and Man is the first to suffer its consequence. War is made attractive and glamorous by Governments and politicians using the media.  Rich multinationals and superpowers generate war for their own selfish interest. Those who die in war are the young soldiers and their innocent victims.       My Heart- Poem By Dr Taha Malasi-Translated from Arabic: 

   My heart    Is a waste basket

   For the worlds sad news!  

Since man was    

Since I was …………………

Since any one was …… 

We were watching in pain

The thread of forgetfulness 

Staggering and melting ….

In the red clouds ……………

In  forgetfulness ………..

Woven with my life and yours 

wrapped in the black mood of  your heart 

With my pain and yours …………………..

Oh mad mad man ……………………………

What are you doing?  ……………………..

The look in your eyes is pain ………………

But the dark pain is made by your hand 

Laugh or cry in madness 

Like a playing child 

Or a savage monster 

The Game is burning your heart 

   And mine       

It burned your home

    And burned your flowers 

My child and yours 

And the wind carried the smell of death to your neighbors 

But man forget  

And repeats his act again and again 

Man, it seems,  

Live and grows with sadness and pain  


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