A Bad Dream-Painting by Dr Taha Malasi

Starvation In Africa


A bad dream: Painting By Dr Taha H Malasi




4000 years ago, the pharaoh of Egypt had a strange dream- 7 fat cows devoured  7 thin cows and 7 head of fat wheat head devoured  7 thin heads. He called Joseph to explain his strange dream. This was explained; that the 7  fat cow and heads of wheat are 7 good years . The Nile will irrigate the land and it will yield abundant crops but this will be followed by 7 years of drought and starvation. Joseph was appointed as a  minister to the king , he planned to avert the horrible starvation and death by storing surplus food. When drought hit Egypt the plan saved the country.

40 years ago we watched horrible starvation in Ethiopia with thousands of men women and children as well as animals died. History repeat itself , today we heard the horrible news , over 10 million people in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya as well as the South Sudan suffering drought , and famine- 10 millions are starving to death- History it seems repeat itself  since ancient time- like a  nightmare that refuse to disappear- is there an end to African sufferings?

Colonialism kicked out from the door , only to come back from the widow: 

After hundreds of years of Colonialism , exploitation, slavery come independence, but this did not last. Colonialism kicked out from the door , only to come back from the widow. The window of poverty, corruption and wars all fueled by western countries and multinationals fighting for raw materials. The reality Africa today as well as the middle east is far from being independent. . Today Africa & the middle east is largely under direct military occupation, by America, British or French troops.  Any attempt for real independence is faced with economic strangulation, propaganda attacks and if this did not work military intervention. The Exploitation carry on . Most corrupt African and middle east Government and leaders supported by the American/ European and under their control. Poverty is the weapon used to continue this new/old colonialism and the exploitation. The West consistently speak of financial support, loans . charities. The reality that the west take billion and billions back from Africa.

Dr kwame Nkrumah   a Ghanaian president -who believed on Panafrikanism -He suffered and imprisoned  under British rule but eventually with the support of his people Ghana got its independence. He wrote a book titled ‘New Colonialism’ Predicting & exposing the danger of  a new era  of colonialism-the Era of Capitalism invasion and multi-nationalism- lead by the new superpower -American – that will follow the old style . He is a man who wanted to unite Africa, industrialized his country, and build prosperity future for his people. His story is the story of all former colonies-all back in the hand of new colonialism.

Do you know what happened to Dr Kwame Nkrumah? 

Do you know what happened to Dr Kwame Nkrumah??? The Hero of  Ghana’s Independence- To cut long story short- American and European business flocked to do business with rich independent Ghana. He trusted the American and European but he was mislead deliberately  in building useless project. Ghana was rich in Aluminum , he wanted to exploit that for his country. They lied to him, after they build a tin factory  he was told that Ghana Aluminum is of poor quality and he has to import his tin from outside- guess from where?  from USA. He has to borrow huge amount of money from IMF – all wasted in useless projects until Ghana bankrupt financially. Eventually the CIA engineered a coup against him/ the Western media discredit him and portrayed him as a dictator and corrupt leader- Ghana never recovered- one coup follow another-Now Ghana in the hand of poverty and multinational-Back to new Colonialism. The Lesson from the West- Any leader or country- that doesn’t tow the line is doomed-He will be destroyed:

1. Economic sanction to create poverty, economical hardship, and serious discontent?

2. Defamation and assassination of character with media & propaganda to   ferment internal unrest

3. Real Assassination & plotting a coup

4. Even better to appoint a deputy-dictator or King to serve the new order- in this new brave world

5. If all that fail -NATO will do the Job- Bombing in the name of freedom and democracy!

Nazism V Colonialism: The Good The Bad and The Ugly: 

Fascism and Nazism are extremely nasty, but what about colonialism, is it really different? Was the Second World War a war between the free world really and fascism. Unfortunately The term Free world, used by Mr. Churchill meant there were slaves, and indeed there  were living under the flag of the British and other European Empires. Those were the people of the Earth, in Africa and Asia, and Latin America.  Was the war really between the Good and the Bad – or was between the Bad and the ugly? Was the British Empire and the American was  less racist , less fascist that the Germans. The Truth is that The American and the British were equally racist against black and colored-There were apartheid all over the British Empire and nasty racism in America.

Britain operated concentration camps in Kenya as it came in the news recently-It castrated African leaders to humiliate them. African lands, animals, raw material stolen and horribly exploited. 10 million Congolese killed by King Leopold of Belgium. 6million (Red Indian) exterminated in a fantastic genocide and the rest of the north American Indian imprisoned in concentration camps called (Reservation) and the whole continent stolen. The Indian still lives in reservations? 9 Million Black African slaves died at the bottom of the sailing ships traveling to America and other colonies. The Australian Aboriginal -The Original people of Australia-was hunted with Kangaroos for sport- Even today they are discriminated against -live in poor areas , neglected. Not a single aboriginal is in the parliament or has political rights.  The Atrocities of colonialism cover the map of the earth from Asia to Africa to south and North America.

The stolen good is found, when the two thief’s fight,!!!!??-Who is the Good? 

If Nazism was the very bad, Colonialism is the very ugly-One Good thing came out of the terrible 2end world war -Freedom of the Colonized and enslaved people of the Earth, Freedom of the oppressed from African, Asia and Latin America. It was a nasty Colonial War-over 60 million people killed- The reason is that Colonial European countries, like Britain France, Italy &  Germany basically was fighting to get more colonies and for world domination. The Free world- wants to keep the rest of the world slaves. Britain and France who already has the biggest share want to keep it. Germany and Italy want slices from the cake –that is us and saying why not?

Incidentally the Free world did not include women or working class people in the Empire!!!

However freedom was only short lived-The American   and the Russian turn- to colonies and oppress the people of the world. Also the old Colonial Blood Sucker still around and the poor countries of the world is falling victims one by one under the new order. What we need now is for the nations of the world to understand  that a new wave of colonialism is underway. Whet the nation of the world is to fight back against new colonialism -to free the oppressed one and for all.

 Churchill the Hero of the second world war was racist: That is what he said!

I do not admit, for instance that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indian of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to this people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher grade race , or at any rate , a more worldly wise race , to put it that way, has come in and taken their place! 

He Also Said- in response to news of a massacre in Kenya: Feb 1908-when a telegram at colonial office reporting the slaughter of Kisii tribesmen in south west Kenya Churchill growled: I do not like the tone of this report, no doubt the clan should be punished; but 160 have been killed outright …… it looks like butchery and if the H. of C gets hold of it, all our plans in E.A.B. (East African Protectorate) will be under cloud. Surely it cannot be necessary to go on killing these defenseless people on such an enormous scale!?

Colonialist in the past has committed the most heinous crimes against humanity all over the world including African people, and now still at it. Millions of   Africans was stolen from their homes and families and enslaved by the British, America, French, Dutch, Spanish, Belgium and Protégées to serve in the colonies. The African was subjected to massacres, in Kenya, South Africa, Sudan, and Egypt   etc.

Nazism was defeated in the 2end world war and got what it deserves. Colonialism and its nasty history on the other hand deliberately smoothed over, with films and fictional stories showing a (bit of the nasty action) but most importantly -to paper over it lightly to show how (some) Whites were pro-blacks or American Indian. History is Faked to show how the slaves were liberated by Lincoln-etc when the fact that the Blacks Americans has to fight and die for their freedom -they have to liberated themselves with bitter struggle- no thanks to Mr. Lincoln who was equally racist like the others!

Abraham Lincoln in a debate in 1858 with Stephen Douglas explaining his views on matters of race said:

I will say, then I am not, nor ever been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black race; that I am not. Nor ever have been, in favor of making voters or jurors of Negros, nor qualifying them to hold an office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say, in addition; There is physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And is as much as they cannot so live , while they do remains together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race !?

So Abraham Lincoln could see that the slavery system is becoming obsolete and causing more problems to the whites he abolished it and throw the Blacks from the fire to the frying pan!!!?? To the fire of extreme racism, persecution and discrimination?

The African American fought hard to liberate themselves from racism and colonialism. But Colonialism is Back-with the one and only superpower- by the back door and even the front door. NATO today represents alliance of the whole of European and American. When Iraq and Afghanistan occupied – it is occupied not by one country- as it used to be- but with 26 countries-this is a new page in the history of oppression, invasion and occupation.








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