Macrocosm/ Microcosm-painting by: Dr Taha Malasi

The big universe and the small universe

The Painting: By Dr Taha H Malasi

Macrocosm/ Microcosm: Is About the unity of the universe and everything.

The idea of the painting developed and painted 1969, in water colours. The colors suppose to be in bright yellow , however ,a personal and tragicalincident occurred just before I start painting, my older sister Zenab- gave birth to a child who died immediately after difficult birth. I think unconsciously I went for the blue color.

Microcosm /Macrocosm: Painting about the unity ofeverything in the universe

It was extremely fascinatingand exciting to discover ( after reading a philosophy book called (The Dialectic of nature 1969 By Marx and Angels)that everything in the universe is made of (Atoms) including us-  That includethe stars, planets and galaxies , light,air,water,animals and rocks. Living and non living thingsare made of atoms the same stuff that‚ stars are mad .

I expressed this amazing reality – The idea of the (unity of the universe) in this painting and the (Unity of everything), - inaristic and symbolic way ! I think I succededartistically in what stephen hawkins failed to do in physics!

The big universe, symbplised by the blue clouds.The animal, the plant, water and light represent the essential elements in our universe . they all (merged together) in one big stream -The stream of unity of life and existence.

The Big Bang and the creation of our universe:

Stars and Galaxies-And the Universe

The wonders of the universe


The universe started, according to recent scientific theory 13.7Billion years ago, in a big bang. No one knows how and why it happens. No one knowsif there was anything before that!

According to science, after the big explosion, the space was filled with smoke and dust. Then the first atoms (Hydrogen) and helium was born. The Atoms, under severe heat and pressure started to unite and fuse to form more and more complex elements and the universe start to evolve. The stars, planets and galaxies are born from that dust & smoke.

The earth was born 4 billion years ago and life on earth born 3.5 billion years ago. And just about two millions years ago a (humanoids) appeared on earth. Less than 40.000 years (Homo sapiens) that is us appeared.  And in few thousand years humans took a gigantic step in civilization & discoveries.In term of time scale of the universe all human history happened in the last two seconds!

In the last 50 years we visited the moon send space ships to outer space/ we  control them from million and millions  of miles away and receive amazing images from them  . We receive images of distant galaxies with hubul  space telescope ,we never imagined they were there. However, on earth we still; killing each other, wage wars against poor nations,  use our massive technical abilities to create lethal weapons and to spy on each other and selfishly abuse , animals and plants to the edge of extinction. If we dont change, sooner or overcome  our (selfish Genes) it will get the best of us and threatens our own existence.

Creation or Evolution: Or Creation followed by Evolution?Evolution V Creation or Creation+Evolution

Since Darwin discovers natural selection and the Origin of species, science and religion was at loggers head. Most of the dispute was between the scientist and the church in the west.  Darwin as a Christian taught that the Bible is the absolute word of God, as a scientist he was disillusioned when discovered clear (contradiction) between scientific facts and religious believes and teachings. The church believes the universe including man and animal created by God about 4000 years ago contrary to fossils findings. The church believe animals were individually created by God, The fossills they were evolved .

The Quran like the Bible state that the universe, and everything created by God in six days. However the Quran state that Gods reality is totally different from humans. And that (God’s days ) is different from our earthly days and can count in thousands of years!

However Islamic scholars and many Muslims sucked into the argument of Evolution Versus Creation. I  have a different point of view!

The Quran, in my opinion contains verses support (evolution and Drawin quest for knowledge) though not his conclusion that,there is no God!? The Quran in the (Spider Verse) urge people to walk on earth and see how the creation begins ! (The Spider- 20). If we take the Quran seriously , this only mean humans has an obligation to look  on earth for the eviednce of the creation and discover how it begin.Darwin Just did that.

Another thing , if the creation of species occur instantly and only once , what is the point of urgeing people to look and discover how the creation begin, there will be no evidence or fossils?


Nothing come out of nothing that is the law of Science, so how the big bang started ? and the massive universe come out of nothing!?

It is interesting that Stephen Hawkins in a recent documentary was seeking to prove that things can come out of nothing ? he demonstrated  this in his film by  a man diging a hole in the ground and shoveling the dirt to the side ! i.e moving the dirt from the hole and put it out. he used an elegant formulation to prove that there are no God and the universe can just appear from nothing .However he did not explain , Who was the man that was giging the hole and creating it?

Science suggest that the universe started either from nothing or a tiny amout of matter. Religion believe that God created the universe from nothing .  it seems at least religion and science both agreed on somthing .To be fair to  religion, it is alway believed that the universe start from nothing , the science community only discover this facts recently ,in the last 40 years!?

So Is it possible to think of The Big Bang and the (creation of the universe) as God’s creation ! That God created the laws of physics , time and matter that lead eventually to the creation of everything including life on Erath-in a gradual Evolution!

 Is it possible to find some support of this scientific ideas in the Quran!!!?  The answer is Yes!

There is some intriguing statement in the Quran regarding the Creation and origin of life in a way very similar to what science discovered and suggests although the Quran is 1.400 years old.

 The Creation of the Universe: The Quran and Science

Steven Hawkins, in his book (Brief history of time)-claims after the big bang, the skies was full of smokes. From this dust and smoke stars, planets and galaxies are formed. And eventually 3.5 billion years life on earth started. The Koran 1.400 years ago presented this picture:’

  1. Then He (God) rose over (Istawa) towards the heaven when it was smoke , and said to it and to the earth: “Come both of you willingly or unwillingly.” They both said: “We come willingly.” Fussilat, Chapter #41, Verse  #11)I.e. the galaxes and earth created from the smoke ! It is straightforward, God comand the smoke in the heavens to form into planets, stars etc.

The Quran also emphasized that The Heavens and the earth was one i.e. one substance i.e. (Smoke and dust ) until God separated them!. The dust and smoke formed into planets and stars and galaxies. The (Empty space) in the heaven  between them , now science  discover is not at all empty empty, though the nature of it still not really clear.


2. ‘Do not the Unbelievers see that the (heavens and the earth) were (joined together ) (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder? Both were made from the smoke that that created atoms from them eventually planets ,stars and off course earth is created.

The Quran also stated that humans were created from the earth.

3.Hud [11:61] To the Thamud People (We sent) Salih, one of their own brethren. He said: “O my people! Worship Allah. ye have no other god but Him. It is He Who hath produced you from the earth and settled you therein: then ask forgiveness of Him, and turn to Him (in repentance): for my Lord is (always) near, ready to answer.”

It is hardlylogical  for the prophet  Mohammad to delve into a complicated  topic like the creation to convince backward uneducated  Arabs of the existance of God by explaining the bits about the smoke and the creation of the earth. And it can’t be a coincidence that modern , scientific explanation of how the universe started from nothing in big bang that create smokes etc, and what is in the quran! 

Both religion and science at least agree that life started in water:

  1. We (God) made from water every living thing’. Will they not then believe? (  Al-Anbiya, Chapter #21, Verse #30)
  2. The quran also stated that humans were created from earth- and created from mud.
  3. And Allah has created every animal from water: of them there are some that creep on their bellies; some that walk on two legs; and some that walk on four. Allah has power over all things.Surat  An-Noor, Chapter #24, Verse #45)
  4. (39) It is He Who has created man from water: then has He established relationships of lineage and marriage: for thy Lord has power (over all things). ( Al-Furqan, Chapter #25, Verse #54)
  5. In fact religion was the first to claim that the universe has a beginning and an end even Einstein did not believe that.  Only now Scientist  believes that our universe will eventually die!

Evolution of life should not be taken as evidence against God although definitly is against(religious establishment ideas) of creation and God!

Darwin and science so far provide many theories about how life started (from oraganic matter & DNA ) but no conclusive evidence. This issue  of  (how life started)  should be the crucial argument between atheism and religion.  There are many theories but little facts. Evolution, through genes can happen, however there are many issues unsetteled convincingly within the Evolution theory.

Why religious books contain some facts and some ides that appears simplistic to modern people? 

Religion according to Richard Dawkins is probably the first scientific theory to explain the universe and life!!! The Quran as well as the Bible revealed over 2000 years ago to a different human being, primitive uneducated , to convince them to believe in God.  It is unlikely that prophets could have convinced people of the greatness of God by providing chemistry and biology books. In a way that would be like professor of science give the annual science lecture to 7 years old in a complex scientific language. However as we saw before , God implanted some (facts) , to be discovered by humans as humanily grow and become knowledgable .

HOLLY BOOKS: Meant to be for all generations- Societies change, people change, but God remains!

The concept of Evolution: 

We can speak of Evolution of almost anything, including human society, philosophy, culture, radios, cars as well as (The Evolution of the universe) and the evolution of the Skoda!

The evidence of evolution is taken from fossils of animals and plant. However, as mentioned before, while some animals seem to evolve, others seem to remain unchanged for millions of years. The picture is not straight forward. It seems that the concept of Evolution can be applied to the universe itself , following the Gig Bang and the creation of the first atom followed by the increasing complexity and formation of stars and planets, etc. Actually the presence of what it seems as evolving form may not be evidence of evolution.

Suppose (mechanical aliens race) landed on the earth, millions of years after the extinction of the human race and start digging for fossils. Let us say they were interested in (Wheel) and became (fascinated with diversity) and (complexity) of the (Wheel) organisms. Soon a pattern emerge that some of these (Wheel using mechanical organism) are very primitive like carts. Some with two or 3 wheels, some with 4, and some with multiple wheels. The Wheels of some made of rubber, some from wood and some from steels. Some use human power, or donkey power or Steam power and some solar power or even atomic. Skoda will be the most striking evidence evolution. The Old Polish Skoda was quite primitive and ugly, suddenly transformed to a beautiful luxuries car. Rolls Royce and Mercedes were very advance and on top. They may conclude that all of this (creatures) evolved from each others. They discover some of the much older and primitive and others so advanced in technology. Prehistoric Egyptian Chariot, used horse and donkeys power and other carts. Slowly they unearthed all forms of vehicles using the wheels, like tricycles, airplane, trains & shuttles.




The question still open?? 

Of course, the question of the universe, God and the Big bang is not closed in many people’s mind. It is not clear , is our universe is the only one? . Many scientists think, out there, there are many universes including parallel universes.

Is our universe is the only one of its kind?

Were there any universes before ours?

Will, in the future, be more universes created and evolved?

Is the process of the birth and death of universe is eternal? I.e. The universe is created, then die , and then another universe is created and so on!!!

The Quran answer the question- ( 18)  Who originates creation, then repeats it, and who gives you sustenance from heaven and earth? (Can there be another) god besides Allah. Say, “Bring forth your argument, if ye are telling the truth!” An-Naml, Chapter #27, Verse #64)
(Arabic, Transliteration, Urdu, Yusuf Ali, Shakir, Picthal, Mohsin Khan, French, Spanish, Indonesian, Melayu, German, Bosnian, Russian)

24) It is Allah Who begins (the process of) creation; then repeats it; then shall ye be brought back to Him.
( Ar-Room, Chapter #30, Verse #11)

Many question asked but few answers.

Evolution theorist organized a neat Pre- Historic periods & tables and descriptions of how life was created & Evolved  from single cell primitive animals to the most complex..  However today we can identify primitive life  forms  identical to earlier, primitive  life forms , side by side with (highly ) evolved forms. And off course with form that did not evolved & kept their good (form)  for millions of years like our friendly crocodile and the great white shark!. Why?

Genetic or Environment: Who Came first?

Clearly the Environment, I.e. The Earth came first  then life evolved. Life continues to adapt to changing Environment.

Evolution also suggest that changes in the organism primarily occur in its Genetic material -i.e. New mutation to produce physical change- Exactly the  right change to help animals adapt to their environment and survival. Yet according to Darwinist the changes in the genes is random, haphazard and independent of the Environment!!?What makes it work is natural selection!

Natural Selection , if you think of it , it means selecting from something- The Stored Genetic Bank- The organism Chromosome- But how this information , that seems to , exactly fit the changes to the environment the organism needs to enhance his life survival and performance comes about in the first place!!

The Blind Watch Maker may have Eyes:

I believe the Environment and the genetic changes are linked-and mediated through the Nervous system. In essence Genes are information that create the organism morphology, physiology and to some extent the psychology of the organism. The precise information is almost designed to work in a specific environment. (The Gazelle needs to run faster because the predators are getting faster). It is impossible to separated the two (like  mirror image of each others).The organism will never survive in a different environment- if you want to live in this environment you must acquire these genes!

The (nervous system) even in primitive one cell organism, links the organism with its Environment- no survival can be maintained without this link- However most Darwinist and biologist deny this idea- In fact this idea never explored or tested or even investigated.

I think it would be un-unintelligent or stupid if  life-to spend years (experimenting)producing haphazard stupid genetic materials and life models  that extinct easily without making use of the information collected from by  nervous system. The Nervous System link the organism directly to the environment. It Collect information about temperature pressure, acidity, food, hostile predators etc and react appropriately. It would be stupid to waste all this first hand information and not use it to do the right genetic modification???


According to Darwin is the only force for change and the production of new species. However, the right characteristic must exist first in the genes before it is selected. How this new characteristic come about i.e.  how this information within the genes was formed and arrange specifically and wait to be selected !!!

Evolution V Religion: 

Personally I think evolution & Natural Selection occur but after life itself started on earth. I think Darwin and the scientist did what God ask us to do! Is to search how life and the creation begin and this was mentioned in the Koran!

It Say: “Travel through the earth and see how the creation begin;
As-Sajda, Chapter #32, Verse #7).

Also in the Quran the creation of man in stages has been mentioned in Surat Nooh  

When He created you by (divers) stages?
( Nooh, Chapter #71, Verse #14)
(Arabic, Transliteration, Urdu, Yusuf Ali, Shakir, Picthal, Mohsin Khan, French, Spanish, Indonesian, Melayu, German, Bosnian, 

Science  has hundred of theories about hw life itself started but but there is no agreement.  Even a simple primitive cell is so complex. Even a single protein like DNA & RNA that carry information so complex, it is not conceivable to see it assembling itself by chance.

For life to start  the organism need all the (component) assembled ready & working and all the information required , ready to be alive!!! . Richard Dawkins doesn believes  in a God but on The Blind watchmaker of natural selection created the diversity of life.  One skeptical scientist, said to the claim that life started on its own , under certain condition, using organic matter, and energy from the environment  is like expecting a Boeing airplane is created from a scrap heap hit by a storm!!?

Richard Dawkins  dispute the existence of God. You need a complex being  to created another being. Is there any chance of the presence of this complex being, I said yes. Man, according to evolution theory, created about 2 million years ago- he was just a humanoid. Homo sapiens appears less than 40 thousand years. Man to today , in the last few years acquired so much knowledge and power. If the universe is eternal or at least, live for billions of years, and humans race continue to develops, evolve and did not destroy itself a creature with such power may , one day possibly exist!!!!?

It is possible that there is life everywhere in the universe. The Koran itself mentioned evolution and the possibilities of life created in other places.

In (sorat ) Noah the Koran said  ( we created you in stages). Darwin in my opinion did what God ask humans to do to discover how God created life. 22) Say: “Travel through the earth and see how Allah did originate creation; so will Allah produce a later creation: for Allah has power over all things.
Al-Ankaboot, Chapter #29, Verse #20)
Humans suppose to be the most intelligent creature on earth. Yet it is the only creature who seem to (discover)  God and religion- why? No primitive humanoid, or higher ape , or any other specious , as far as we know, developed religious consciousness, or awareness of external being until modern man develop.

To be Continued!

To Be completed


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