October Sun: Painting By Dr Taha H Malasi-2

By Dr.Taha Hassaballa Malasi

October sun painted 1995,

 October sun

The painting is about nature. The main idea is to capture movements and light. Movements and light and nature has been the main inspiration of my special way of painting the technique of transparency.  the technique itself was discovered in a eureka moment when I was lying under a banana and Papaya tree the papaya leaves was almost visible behind the transparent banana leave and it was beautiful. I have just bought my first genuine oil color box and painted my first picture (Nature) using the technique.  My painting ideas just happened to be complex, they take time to ferment and to develop. I discovered technique of transparency is the only vehicle by which I can express and present complex ideas in the same canvas. . October sun , was about the purity of the technique, but also about everything else, in this painting it about the wood, the changing seasons, colors of autumn, light and movement. It is about all nature elements when it get together to produce pure beauty. I was awarded a certificate (highly commended in the Landscape/Townscape/ Woodland ) class of the Artist and Young Artist of the Year Competition1999-From the Society of  All Artist.

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