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The Message: Painting by Dr Taha Malasi

Thursday, November 25th, 2010
The Message

Painting about religion, history and civilization

The Message:That is why I painted the message!

The Painting is about monotheistic religions and civilisation, about the unity in one God and unity of the history of the people of the Middle East. It is a message of God to the world and humanity.

I came to England in July 1973 from Sudan. I was granted a scholarships from the British Council to study psychiatry in the Institute of Psychiatry and the Maudsley†Hospital, Denmark Hill, London.

I never thought of myself as a Muslim in contrast to others with different believes, because the Sudan I was born and lived in, Muslims, Christian,†Jews and non-religious people were neighbors, classmates†and friends. No one care who is what and I never†thought in†depth about¬†religion.†I was surprised and amazed about the degree of hostility and criticism hailed on Islam and Muslims.

Frequently I was asked strange questions like why you do not eat pork? Why do you hate dogs. I was† told in my face Muslim women are always treated as inferior. I did not recognize this distorted picture as we always have dogs, my mother and the females in our community were not exactly repressed. Females were respected, loved and has authority and influence. As I was not prepared I did not have any specific answer. I was not even concerned about dogs and cats and pigs so I tried to give an honest answers from the Koran, History and knowledge. This contradictory picture I presented always†looked by other with suspicions†and I†looked at as if I am a†liar†or hiding the truth! My honest factual answer always ridiculed & called silly and stupid for not eating pork† or kissing dogs!.

I realized the objective of the exercise is not to get a rational answer or understand facts. it is†just a chance to ‘expose; Islam and Muslim††as (†irrational, stupid backward and senseless). I used to get upset and do my best to explain and defend my point of view to no avail. Soon I realized the futility of this matter as I realized I am up against centuries of negativism and misinformation about history. I realized I am up against all western media. There is a wide systematic and continuous campaign†of distortion.†Radio, TV, papers, Books, fuelling the attacks with (little stories) & the general public simply respond.†People are simply brain washed and controlled.

I realize, the argument is not winnable with logical, historical, conversation contrasted hundreds of daily little stories, quizzes (Like which religion treat women as inferior?- Answer-off course Islam) ) dripping constantly in people mind and brain creating a fixed stereotyped picture, like a ‘delusion’ unshakable with facts or logic!!

The irony that the Jews for centuries were subjected†to†an†Stereotype†( pictured them as nasty, ugly, stingy, and horrible) that lead to anti-Semites†and persecution. Now it is the Muslims turn.

Give a†DOG†a bad name and hang him– is a known British proverb, Serotype works like that. The result of a†successful hate campaign undoubtedly gave birth to Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Guantanamo bay†and Abughrebe, and Islamo-phobia.

Stereotyped opinion kill 2 birds with one stone:

  1. It promote hate & keep people†and†nations apart. (War of Civilization).
  2. And prepare the population (psychologically) to support war .and;
  3. Promote (ignorance)†about†Islam and its†close connection†to Judaism and Christianity in†their common roots in origin , principle and the believe in†one God.

The degree of ignorance about history of the 3 religions, background civilization of the Middle East and how much the west is indebted to Islamic civilization in science, literature,†mathematics, astronomy, history and philosophy is shameful. That is why I painted the message.

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